July 1st opening in Slovakia

On 1st July, JagAid s.r.o. will start the business in Slovakia, taking global ownership of all JagAid sites and becoming a strategic logistic and commercial unit in Central Europe.

Luca Canella will be president and CEO of the new company, giving to JagAid s.r.o. the added value of his acknowledgement and high reliability and experience in Jaguar Parts trade.

His target is to get within an year the exclusive sales, as it is already for Jaguar Parts, of Land Rover certified genuine used parts with warranty straight from UK sales branches.

JagAid s.r.o. is going to become an important European hub in the Jaguar World, taking all the background from JagAid Italia with same CEO and with new people cooperating to develop a wide global business.

JagAid Italia will stop at last day of June, and 1st July JagAid s.r.o. will transparently take control of the business.

We will keep you updated

JagAid staff

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