Jaguar New and Used Parts

We deal with all Jaguar new and used parts since ’50s to actual production, for MK1 MK2 XK120 XK140 E-Type S-Type XJ 1st 2nd 3rd series XJ40 XJ6 X300 XJ8 X308 XK8 XKR XJR X-Type XF XK150 XJ X351 petrol and diesel.

The most common parts, usually available on used certified with 3 months warranty d.r. that made us famous are :

Jaguar Engines and Gearboxes for cars since 1995 or refurbished for oldtimers (1 year warranty), used parts for XJ40 and XJ 3rd series we can have, comes with 30 days warranty.
Differentials (also transfer case box for x-type)
Modules, Ecu, Abs modulator
Air conditioning compressors, alternators, electronic components
Halfshafts, hub carriers, electronic CATS suspensions and compressors
Chassis parts just on cumulative orders due to high shipment rates
And… whatever you need we will find it for you

All our shipments are trackable since they leave UK’s warehouses

We remind you we don’t sell any headlights due to high risk of damage during transport, and due to RHD – LHD difference.

High performance brake discs available for almost every Jaguar models, drilled and grooved with teflon treatment.

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