JagAid reduces prices of used Jaguar parts with warranty

With the new acquisition of JagAid Italy by the group JagAid s.r.o. , whose presidency was entrusted to responsibly Luca Canella, a figure well known in the global Jaguar world, JagAid faces the challenge to global markets.

JagAid’s indisputable leadership in Italy in trading new and used Jaguar parts Jaguar UK approved with warranty for all Jaguar models will be available to all European countries.

JagAid was founded with the goal of making the possession of a Jaguar to reach nearly all, drastically reducing the cost of repairs, ensuring that Jaguar does not remain a dream of many fans who would like to buy a Jaguar but who are afraid to what could happen to it.

There have been numerous cases of clients to whom we recommended to buy Jaguar with engine or gearbox broke for a few euro and putting them back on the track with us, the results have been sublime.

The response of the Italian customers already established and new customers to the new management of JagAid s.r.o. has been excellent since the early days of activity, the arrival of new capital invested in the new company, much larger, has resulted in a significant reduction of prices on parts, engines, transmissions, differentials guaranteed Jaguar used parts which are the core business company.

The ability to have quickly and at very competitive prices and also spare parts for vintage and oldtimers Jaguar is no longer a mirage but it is business as usual, the new staff in the UK is made up of less than 42 employees, all Jaguar Specialists with proven experience.

The added value of JagAid s.r.o. lies in the fact that everything, including the reduction of prices of guaranteed used Jaguar parts, had no impact on the quality of the service and the goods supplied, ensuring that clients can apply directly to JagAid sro which boasts a customer service in 5 languages ​​native speakers.

JagAid s.r.o. not even close in August, and we will always work to your full service.

So … as new motto never stop to repeat JAGS HEADING TO THE BREAKERS ? NEVER AGAIN !!!

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