Who is JagAid

Discover who is JagAid…

JagAid was born from the consuming passion of Luca Canella, the President and Founder of Jaguar Technical Aid Resources International, an association which has gathered many of the top Jaguar Specialists worldwide, bound together with the primary aim of helping every Jaguar Owner to enjoy the best from their cars.

JagAid, builds on Luca Canella’s commercial and technical experience as JTAR President and JagAid General Manager.

This provides a strong business foundation and enables effortless collaboration with the biggest and most reliable Jaguar Specialists across the UK, making it possible to provide customers buying genuine, certified, Jaguar used parts with a 3 month full warranty (direct replacement), assuring the highest possible quality standards.
JagAid is unique as a reseller throughout Europe in providing this sort of guarantee of quality, and warranty for used parts.

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